Our Ramadan Insights platform is developed by Think Marketing Lab to provide detailed and in-depth information about digital media campaigns across MENA.

Brands face many challenges in the evolving digital media engagement during Ramadan and we’re here to help them.

We’re not just experts in design and technology. Our social media experts and analysts creating data-driven strategies with years of experience tackling some of the biggest issues in digital media landscape, and as a team, we have created a high performance culture that prioritizes quality, transparency, and accountability.

We at Think Marketing understands every aspect of creating large-scale social media intelligence projects using the biggest and best media monitoring tools to navigate business, evaluation, and consumers feedback and concerns.

Ramadan Hub will not in anyway collect or provide data or information which are not publicized by the source itself. All data and information within the database are data and information which has been provided and publicized by the given social networks and are as such public accessible.

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